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Updates should resume this week. I hope.

So this is why I haven’t been updating.

This is one of the 6 baby kitties we picked up from the dumpster. We call her Chibi. She’s a very sweet, very gentle baby. She caught flu soon after she came back, and she hasn’t recovered very well. 4 days ago she was eating less and less. The vet checked and thought her liver was failing. We gave her blood transfusion. The vet took her home and took care of her for 2 long nights.

We took her back with us toady. She was too weak to move but we knew she was happy to come home. We fed her and rocked her to sleep. An hour later she was gone while sleeping.

These 5 weeks with were so long and at the same time so short. It breaks me when there was nothing more I could do, but then you had a good fight. And I’m so so glad you hang on and made it back home.

I miss you.